Tata Steel Europe takes home a Steelie after implementing Wranx!


Wranx would like to congratulate Tata Steel Europe, who won the coveted 2018 Steelie Award for ‘Excellence in education and training’ following the implementation of Wranx.

The Steelie Awards are organised by the World Steel Association (worldsteel), which represents over 160 steel producers, including nine of the world’s 10 largest steel companies, along with national and regional steel industry associations and steel research institutes. This means that worldsteel’s membership covers around 85% of world steel production!

Steelie Awards

The purpose of the Steelie Awards is to recognise member companies or individuals for their efforts and contributions
to the steel industry over the course of a year in a series of categories that impact the steel industry. We were
delighted to hear our client Tata Steel Europe had won in the ‘Excellence in education and training’ category and that our unique training method of Spaced Repetition had been recognised by the steel industry!

Tata Steel Europe sought an innovative training programme to reinforce product knowledge, something that is essential in any commercial role.  A capability assessment identified this as an area of improvement for 150 employees, who were in disciplines such as product management, account management and customer services. They desired a contemporary solution to delivering learning, which led to them discovering Spaced Repetition, the learning technique which is the backbone of Wranx’s training solution. Spaced Repetition incorporates short bursts of learning delivered at increasing intervals of time as the learner’s recall improves.

Alongside this scientifically proven learning method, Tata Steel Europe wanted a fresh approach to delivering continual training that was not a single training event or traditional e-learning with numerous online modules. To achieve this, Wranx offered them training that was micro, mobile and gamified.

To determine the effectiveness of training we had provided Tata Steel Europe, we conducted multiple choice assessments. This included pre and post-assessments on Hot-Rolled Steel (30 questions) and Cold-Rolled Steel (25 questions). We saw amazing results:


  • 97% of learners improved from their pre to post-assessment on Hot-Rolled Steel!
  • There was a knowledge improvement of 15%, which equates to learners answering, on average, 7.5 more questions correctly in their post-assessment!
  • The Cold-Rolled Steel assessment showed that 100% users improved from pre to post-assessment!
  • We found that the ‘average user’ answered 14.4 questions (58%) correct in the pre- assessment, but in the post-assessment this jumped to 22.1 questions (88%)!

Prior to the assessments, we provided a course of nine tailored learning modules covering various aspects of Tata Steel Europe’s operations. Employees would then learn by doing their daily drills, which pulled questions from these modules. These daily drills would only take 2-3 minutes each day. We collaborated with the Learning & Development team to ensure that daily drills were aligned to Tata Steel Europe’s learning objectives, supported by a multimedia library of resources, providing more value than the traditional LMS.

In addition to this, learning was gamified with elements such as points, achievements, leaderboards and the Seinfeld Chain which were key for motivation and further encouraged employees to continue with their daily learning. Finally, all learning was available on any internet-connected device so users could carry out independent learning and complete their daily drills at a time that suited them.

Tata Steel Europe has described our learning technique as ‘new and unique’ to the steel industry and that the Wranx platform is ‘at the heart of their approach’ and vital for ‘the changing needs of the workforce demographic.’ We provided them with a training solution that is fresh and mobile, whilst creating a learning environment which encouraged learners to take ownership of their development and pull out learning they were interested in from a curated library.

We will be working closely with Tata Steel Europe in the near future, with the aims of developing learning around a corporate induction and health and safety training – we are excited to see where this partnership leads us!

Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Published: 15 Jun, 2022