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Bite size learning

Wranx removes the typical barriers to learning. Mainly because it allows your team to start their training at any time and on any device

Learning with spaced repetition is most effective when done in short bursts, over a longer period of time. In fact, all your employees need is 2-to-3 minutes a day to answer drills of 10 questions.


Multi Device

Employees can learn using their preferred device, be that mobile, tablet or desktop. And because Wranx is fully responsive they can switch from one device to another if they want to.

More Benefits

  • Engages & motivates employees

    Scholar Hat

    Clever gamification features and our in-app communication ‘bubble’ make learning fun and rewarding.

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  • Provides measurements you can trust

    Check List

    In-built learning validation techniques and real time reporting keeps you up-to-date on progress, as it happens.

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  • Delivers tailored multilingual content

    Speech Bubbles

    Making your training material Wranx friendly and accessible to all is easy.

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