Improve Your Team’s Performance in the Automotive Industry

Organizing training programs tailored to the specific needs of your workforce can be a complex task, especially in the automotive industry where dispersed workforces and logistical challenges are common. As senior managers, you need a reliable way to deliver consistent, high-quality training to all employees, enabling successful manufacturing, sales, and exceptional customer service.

Attracting and retaining talented individuals is crucial for the automotive industry. According to Automotive News, employee turnover costs dealerships an average of over $500k in gross profit annually. This turnover significantly impacts dealerships, resulting in wasted training expenses, inexperienced sales staff, and a lack of continuity with customers, ultimately leading to lost vehicle sales.

Research shows that knowledgeable employees can sell up to 87% more compared to their less informed counterparts. Additionally, poor employee retention can cost car dealerships up to $800k per year. Moreover, 73% of buyers consider customer experience as a vital factor in their purchasing decisions.


Introducing Wranx: The Solution for Your Training Needs


Wranx is an innovative tool designed to educate your employees using a scientifically proven knowledge retention technique called Spaced Repetition. With Wranx, you can provide continuous training and convenient online learning experiences to your workforce, accessible through any internet-connected device. What’s more, it only takes 2-3 minutes a day!


Wranx offers several key features to optimize your training initiatives:


  1. Effective Assessment: Wranx can assess your associates’ confidence and competence levels, delivering accurate insights into their product knowledge, compliance, and customer service through Certainty Based Marking. Clear and powerful reporting tools display the assessment results.


  1. Centralized Learning Hub: The Wranx Media Hub can host your learning materials, including videos, PowerPoints, and PDFs, creating a comprehensive and accessible resource for your team. This feature has been successfully utilized by leading organizations like The North Face, who store product videos and fact sheets for their learners.


  1. Gamified Learning: Wranx incentivizes learning through gamification, encouraging associates to excel and achieve sales targets by earning achievements and badges within the platform.


  1. Robust Analytics: Gain valuable insights into individual and team performance with Wranx’s insightful analytics. Identify knowledge gaps and track progress through a customizable dashboard.


With Wranx, you can optimize your current learning content or create new, original content in multiple languages, catering to geographically dispersed organizations.


Success Stories in the Automotive Industry:


Peugeot, a leading automotive brand, experienced significant improvements after implementing Wranx:

– Employee engagement improved from 8% to an outstanding 72%

– Achieved a reduction of £200k in training costs


Peugeot successfully utilized Wranx for customer service and sales training, as well as reinforcing product knowledge and enhancing employee engagement. By leveraging Wranx for vehicle face lift launches, Groupe PSA forecasted a substantial reduction in training costs while improving overall employee retention.


Take the Next Step with Wranx


If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of the Wranx system, we would be delighted to set up a demo for you and your team. Our online demo typically takes around 45 minutes, allowing us to showcase the value the Wranx system can bring to your organization. Elevate your team’s performance in the automotive industry with effective training solutions from Wranx.

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Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Published: 3 Nov, 2023