PRESS RELEASE: Gateshead College partners with Wranx to deliver Functional Skills training

Gateshead College, rated by Ofsted as Outstanding in 2015, has partnered with Wranx to collaborate on a new delivery method for Functional Skills training.

Wranx is an employee development platform that delivers Spaced Repetition training, a concept which repeats information at given points in time to help embed information in the long term memory. Whilst providing services to multiple commercial businesses worldwide, this collaboration will be the first for Wranx with a leading Further Education organisation. 

Tony Martin, Sales Director at Wranx said “We are delighted to have partnered with Gateshead College, not only because of the high prestige they hold within the further education field but also because of their desire to create new learning methodologies, an area where we have great experience. The first group of Wranx learners will leverage the benefits of Spaced repetition with access to functional skills training, subjects such as Foundation Maths and English, Equality & Diversity and Safeguarding. Simultaneously we have also been rewriting revision modules for GCSE subjects to help young adults improve their knowledge retention”. 

Chris Toon, Deputy Principal at Gateshead College said “We continuously look at how we can build on our already outstanding teaching and learning to help students reach their potential. We’ve chosen to partner with Wranx because they have a unique proposition which is ideally suited to our students. It offers elements of gamification, designed to help them remain engaged and a measurement of performance with rewards and recognition features. The mobile app will also appeal to the age range of students at the college so combining those features with Spaced repetition was highly attractive for us.” 

Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Persia is passionate about helping organizations improve employee engagement across their professional development initiatives.
Published: 2 Feb, 2018