Spaced repetition

At Wranx, we provide cutting-edge software to help you deliver learning opportunities, including what is commonly called spaced repetition training. It’s one of the best ways to learn online and is effective in helping employees to retain information quickly and for longer.

Spaced Repetition is a scientifically proven learning method and the backbone of Wranx’s innovative design. Spaced Repetition is based on the theory that the best way to learn is to be reminded of something right before you are due to forget it. By intelligently adapting the duration between questions, Wranx helps the learner’s brain to move knowledge from their short-term memory into their long-term memory more efficiently!

The forgetting curve

The forgetting curve is a concept in psychology that describes how we forget information over time if we do not actively work to reinforce and retain it. The curve was first developed by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the late 19th century and is based on his experiments on memory retention. The forgetting curve illustrates how much information we tend to forget over time, with a steep decline in retention shortly after learning, followed by a slower decline over time. This means that if we do not actively reinforce what we have learned, we are likely to forget a significant portion of it relatively quickly. The curve underscores the importance of repetition and reinforcement in learning, and is one of the reasons why spaced repetition techniques, like those used in Wranx, can be so effective in helping individuals and organizations to retain knowledge and improve performance over time.

Bitesize is the right size

Not everyone is primed to work from a textbook or get everything out of a long video lesson or tutorial. People’s attention can drift in and out and there’s no way of really understanding how much they are absorbing. Spaced repetition training has the advantage that it works for practically everyone. Employees go at their own pace and the system will adjust and tailor delivery to that individual’s comprehension. Because the learning sessions are broken down into bite-sized chunks, it’s also easier for people to organise their learning time and fit it into their busy lives.

Spaced Repetition is a scientifically proven learning method and the backbone of Wranx’s innovative design.

Why partner with Wranx?

Putting together an easy-to-use and accessible learning system for your staff can be complicated. Wranx aims to make it as simple as possible so that you can build the elements of professional development that make a big difference to your business. That includes cutting-edge training opportunities that are backed by high-quality artificial intelligence and revealing metrics – that means you can measure individual learning performance and to identify knowledge gaps in your workforce.

Easy Onboarding

Onboarding and induction can vary from business to business, but the bottom line is that most companies want this to be as fast and effective as possible. An induction can cover everything from team culture and dress rules to initial job training, depending on the business. It allows new employees to get a feel for the operation and to start to get to know people.

While some business owners see induction as a necessary box-ticking exercise, for many it’s the first step in training new starters to become valuable team members and strong producers. Getting it right from the start is important.


If you want new employees to hit the ground running, then planning that initial induction well is critical. Businesses, particularly SMEs can face many problems. It’s important to be able to measure progress so you can be confident that each person has the best start. Inductions can take up valuable time for staff who need to deliver the session – for small businesses, in particular, that can mean valuable employees being taken out of the business.

The system is easy to use and set up and is powered by artificial intelligence.

Working with Wranx

At the heart of Wranx is the concept of microlearning. That’s giving employees bite-sized learning opportunities that are easy to digest and are more quickly absorbed. Bombarding a new employee with handbooks and lots of information on their first day generally means that the power of your induction can be diminished because they don’t take everything on board. Our software allows you to organise this learning opportunity and present it in a way that is much more effective. The system is easy to use and set up and is powered by artificial intelligence. With a wide range of tools at your disposal, you can quickly develop cutting-edge induction sessions that make a real difference to employee knowledge and performance.

Dashboard and analytics

Wranx’s analytics provides powerful insights into how your learners are using Wranx and how they are progressing through their training. Analytics is split into separate dashboards which are made up of ‘widgets’. There is also an export feature, allowing you to export valuable data about learners and user cohorts in various formats.

To continually improve learning within your organisation, you need to be able to have sight of all aspects of learning performance. This becomes possible with dashboards and reporting focused on the different and specific areas of learning. Wranx uses dashboards to give you visibility of the learning performance for your individual employees, your organisation as a whole and the different learning topics within your organisation.

The success of employee learning can’t be measured just through sales or your company’s bottom line. You need to measure specific metrics to understand how well your training is going and where to focus attention. Wranx tracks metrics like employees’ engagement, their performance on different topics and how confidently they answered different questions, with filtering by division, team or individual.

Wranx tracks metrics like employees’ engagement, their performance on different topics and how confidently they answered different questions.

The dashboards provide a general overview of all users and cohorts, their engagement levels and how they’re progressing within the Wranx platform. Metrics related to a specific release of a module, including the number of learners who are enrolled, how many active learners there are and the specific progress users are making through the module.

We also focus on metrics that reveal how your learner base is interacting with Wranx and how often. This can provide insights into the training available and also which users may need reminding to complete their training. It also plots learners onto the “Knowledge Quadrant” helping you identify remaining knowledge gaps and the users with the most pressing training needs.

Training Modules and Assessments

Wranx training is made up of ‘daily drills’ – a series of approximately 10 questions per day.

Wranx measures knowledge levels with complete flexibility, multiple-choice assessments can be launched before a module (‘pre-assessments’) to establish a baseline of knowledge and/or after a module (‘post-assessments’) to measure the level of knowledge acquired following completion. Combining pre and post-assessments generates an a/b test, highlighting improvements to the level of knowledge attained. If preferred, we can create stand-alone assessments to measure the effectiveness of other training types (e.g. classroom learning). Assessments can be tailored to the client’s needs – for example, variable pass rates (%) can be set and assessments can be scheduled for specific release dates.

Wranx multiple-choice assessments with Certainty Based Marking (CBM)

Wranx offers you the flexibility to add Certainty Based Marking (CBM) to assessments to help identify performances more accurately. This option highlights accuracy and confidence. When selected, learners must rate their certainty before they are able to select an answer. Multiple-choice assessments that feature CBM have been proven to stimulate a higher level of careful thinking over simple right or wrong answers, creating a more accurate assessment.

Multiple-choice assessments that feature CBM have been proven to stimulate a higher level of careful thinking

Assessments featuring CBM have the following benefits:


  • Challenges learners to think about how reliable their answer is
  • Encourages learners to understand the issues, not just to react immediately to a question
  • Encourages learners to think laterally; other pieces of knowledge may help to validate or question their answer
  • Exposes gaps in knowledge – if they won’t risk losing marks by selecting a wrong answer, they probably don’t know it
  • Teaches learners the importance of being certain as well as thinking carefully
  • Assesses fairly – a thoughtful and confident correct answer deserves more marks than a lucky guess

Mobile Learning and Gamification

The simple delivery of content to an employee’s mobile device offers some learning benefits that are not possible with traditional, classroom-based learning. Firstly, it allows individuals to learn at their own pace, whereas classroom learning can be constrained by time-limits and the needs of a group as a whole. In addition, the immediacy of mobile learning can make for a more interactive experience. Both of these things make mobile learning more effective at certain times.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to employees is that they can do it at a time that best suits them. Not only could this be during travel for work or at home, but it could also mean when an employee feels best geared up for learning. By allowing learning to be done at the employee’s convenience and when they are in the right frame of mind, mobile learning can ensure that knowledge is better retained compared to other approaches.

Wranx provides short, bite-sized drills that only take 2-3 minutes to complete each day. This is just 0.7% of the average 37.5 hour working week for employees in fixed term positions.

… gamification features built into Wranx have been shown to increase training engagement, enjoyment and, ultimately results!

Playing the brain game

Without any incentive, training is simply a task to be completed and can become a low priority for many. Introducing game-playing elements that reward employees for their learning achievements, results in dopamine being produced in the brain and subsequently increases engagement and enjoyment. The Wranx platform is built upon this scientific principle to help optimise employee learning performance.

For gamification to be effective, it needs to be intelligently implemented, tested and refined. Wranx’s gamification model employs over 300 different achievements that have been built up and tested over years, as well as the Login Streak and Leaderboards that encourage friendly competition among employees. These gamification features built into Wranx have been shown to increase training engagement, enjoyment and, ultimately results!

Content Creation

Wranx provides a bespoke content delivery service tailored to your requirements. Our in-house Instructional Design team will guide you through the process step by step!

Bespoke training modules specific to your organisation

Reduce time spent curating and creating content by using our in-house Instructional Design Team, who can develop bespoke Spaced Repetition training modules on your behalf. Wranx can take any existing materials that you may have in formats like text, video or audio and convert them into short, bite-sized modules and assessments that require only a few minutes a day to complete. We also have a range of off-the-shelf modules to choose from that may fit your requirements.

To get started, you’ll have an initial call with our Content Team to help us to identify your KPIs and agree on an approach for ensuring the launch is as successful as possible. One of our Content Writers will review your learning materials, discuss your needs with you and agree on a content conversion timeline. There are various review stages throughout the process and content releases can be planned to support any internal training programmes.

Wranx can take any existing materials that you may have in formats like text, video or audio and convert them into short, bite-sized modules and assessments

After the launch, there are regular opportunities to check in with our team to review performance and ensure learners are fully engaged. Our Content Team will work with you at every stage of the process to ensure your training is as successful as possible!

Certainty Based Marking (CBM)

Certainty-based marking (CBM) is a grading method that allows learners to indicate their level of confidence in their responses to questions.

Rather than simply selecting an answer and moving on, learners are asked to indicate their level of certainty about the answer by selecting a confidence rating. This rating system provides several benefits for learners, including:

Increased engagement:

CBM encourages learners to think more carefully about their responses and consider how confident they are in their answers. This can help to increase engagement and motivation to learn, as learners are more actively involved in the learning process.

Improved retention:

By encouraging learners to think more carefully about their responses, CBM can help to improve retention of information over time. Learners are more likely to remember information that they are confident in and have thought about carefully.

Personalised feedback:

CBM provides more personalised feedback to learners, as it takes into account not only whether they got a question right or wrong, but also their level of certainty. This can help learners to identify areas where they need to improve their understanding and can guide their future learning.

Fair grading:

CBM helps to ensure that learners are graded fairly and accurately, as it takes into account not only the correctness of their answers, but also their level of certainty. This can help to reduce the impact of guesswork on grades and provide a more accurate reflection of learners’ knowledge and understanding.

In summary, certainty-based marking provides several benefits to learners, including increased engagement, improved retention, personalised feedback, and fair grading. By incorporating CBM into assessments and training programs, organisations can help to improve the effectiveness of their learning initiatives and support learners in achieving their full potential.


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If you are interested in seeing how Wranx works, then book a demo below.

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“We’ve had a really positive experience with Wranx. Not only do our employees enjoy completing the short drills, they have been motivated by the gamification features on the app. Using this platform has had a direct impact on our customers, as a higher level of training has ensured they have an enjoyable experience in store. The uplift in sales is clear, as customers have said that their purchase decisions were influenced by our store colleague’s advanced product knowledge!”


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Deborah Bees


“The Wranx team are super organised and professional and have hand-held us from pilot to launch which has been seamless. It’s 2 minutes, low commitment, low cost and improves brand communication. The gamification and internal want for success between teams has also given engagement, with success and recognition being a driving force to keep improving their scores.”


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Karl Davis


“Wranx came across as having a highly commercial approach, rather than viewing things from a purely L&D point of view. CEO Mark ‘seeks first to understand’ a potential partner, and then aligns client needs to the most appropriate back office support available. Adding Wranx as part of our training mix has ramped up the value of what we offer; reduced the cost of accessing our support; increased end client return on investment; and focused the teams that we are supporting in a fun and effective way.”


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