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Private: Gamification

Engage your employees with over 300 achievements and statuses that make learning fun.

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Learn From Anywhere

Employees can learn when it suits them...whether it's on the job or beyond working hours.

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Bite-Sized Learning

Training will take just a minute a day, leading to faster learning and increased knowledge retention.

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View valuable data on competency and expertise and gather a full picture of your employees' progress.

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Convert your content into any language to provide full accessibility for all trainees.

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In-App Communication

Congratulate and motivate your employees with convenient in-app communication.

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Content Conversion

Our team of writers will take any training source material and convert it into drills.

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Knowledge Validation

Trainees' rate of learning is measured by social testing and various other validation techniques.

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  1. 1 Is this a learning management system (LMS)? No. Wranx is simply SaaS (Software as a Service). It can work alongside existing LMS systems and training courses, so you don’t have to see it as a replacement.
  2. 2 Can we set up teams? Yes! We can easily organise users into teams and divisions which you can then review in our reporting section. The right people can see the right information at the right time, in whatever language you need.
  3. 3 What content do you use for our training? We can transform your existing training content into Wranx-friendly drills entirely free of charge. This includes any materials your company might have - whether it’s a presentation, audio file, video, PDF - absolutely anything! This information will be converted into a series of short, simple questions that we like to call ‘drills’.
  4. 4 How long does Wranx take to get up and running? It can take as little as 1 week to get your company up and running with Wranx, provided that you have suitable content that our content team can convert.
  5. 5 How long does training take? Learning with Wranx only takes 2-3 minutes each day, as your employees answer sets of 10 short questions and rate their own responses. Employees can choose to answer more drills if they wish, and as the employer you’ll be free to change the number of questions per drill.
  6. 6 Can you translate content of different languages? Yes we can! Our user interface can be translated into any language, depending on your company’s needs. Working with over 500 cities across the world, Wranx has already delivered training in French, Manderin, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and more, and we’re continuously striving to add more to our list.

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