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Failsafe learning

Multiple-choice drills are ideal for testing employee knowledge, but unknown answers can be guessed to give a false indication of knowledge. Certainty Based Marking overcomes this by asking employees to indicate how certain they are that their chosen answer is correct. The Wranx platform uses this within assessments to identify exactly how strong employee knowledge is and to focus more attention on areas that need work.

Honest self-assessment

Without an incentive to do so, employees may not report their confidence in an answer accurately to achieve a higher score. A marking system weighted towards honest self-assessment ensures the accuracy of employee responses. The weighted marking system that Wranx uses encourages more careful consideration of assessment questions among learners and provides a more reliable indication of learner competence.

Even learners value Certainty Based Marking

“The most valuable element of self-tests and CBM is perhaps to reward acknowledgement of uncertainty as something more valuable than self-confidence. Teachers often have trouble getting students to acknowledge uncertainty.”

Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology: What the research says, Tony Gardner-Medwin


For clients who have utilised CBM assessments alongside Wranx training modules, we can show an 84% decrease in ‘Misinformed learners’.

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