Provides Measurement You Can Trust

Measurement You Can Trust

Deep-dive Reporting

Remember the days of lengthy feedback forms and post session surveys to measure training effectiveness. Finding out you need to adjust your training plan when it’s just too late?

Well, those days are gone.

Wranx is clever because it lets you activate what we like to call ‘deep-dive reporting’ – real time feedback on the effectiveness of training that shows you how each individual is doing. You can instantly view how much and how often the team are engaging, see who’s doing well and who may need a bit of extra encouragement.

Certainty Based Marking

Certainty Based Marking & Assessments

Wranx uses Certainty Based Marking (CBM)– which requires learners to not only indicate which multiple-choice answer they think is correct, but also indicate how certain they are about their answer.

Assessments can be taken before taking drills to find out the learner’s baseline knowledge and after drills to measure the level of knowledge gained. This helps to measure learning performance and training effectiveness.

The main benefits of CBM assessments over standard multiple-choice assessment are that it encourages more careful consideration of assessment questions among learners and provides a more reliable indication of learner competence.

You can find out more about CBM in our ‘At a glance’ guide here.

More Benefits

  • Accelerates employee learning

    Scholar Hat

    Manageable bite-size chunks of training that can be done wherever and whenever it suits.

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  • Engage & motivate employees

    Trophy with Cogs inside

    Clever gamification features and our in-app communication ‘bubble’ make learning fun and rewarding.

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  • Delivers tailored multilingual content

    Speech Bubbles

    Making your training material Wranx friendly and accessible to all is easy.

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