As an employer training what might be a large workforce, you’ll want to know that your training platform is bringing results; that your employees’ skills are improving and that your current learning method is working for them as well as you. Whether your workforce is large or small, all of these things are important, which is why Wranx offers deep-dive reporting to give you a clear look into the progress of your team.

With deep dive reporting, you’ll be able to get instant, real-time insights into who’s doing well, which employees are engaging and who’s putting the most effort into training. You’ll also be able to see dormant users and order users by their Seinfield Chain – who’s managing to keep up their streak! Employers can then choose to give internal rewards if they wish, giving encouragement to those studying hard and providing incentive to those who could perhaps do a little more.

As well as viewing trainees’ progress, employers can also vet their training material. Which questions are being found most difficult? Which topics are causing the most confusion? By seeing the number of correct answers and your employees’ ability to answer, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what might need a little more clarification on a team-wide scale.

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