5 Best Hospitality LMS of 2024

A hospitality Learning Management System (hospitality LMS) can help you grow your business.  How exactly? It promotes excellent customer service. 

This powerful tool can completely transform your training approach and establish long-term success.

Using the best hospitality LMS customized for your business type, you can train and onboard employees and prepare them for success.

This article lists the five best hospitality LMS of 2024 and how they can improve employee training so your team can go above and beyond for your valued customers. 

Hospitality LMS: What is it?

A hospitality LMS is a software that hosts and distributes educational resources to users. 

LMS allows training courses and programs to be conducted online and gives administrators the resources to produce and distribute content, monitor attendance, and evaluate student performance. 

Teaching staff members is affordable if they use the right hospitality LMS, accessible anytime and from anywhere. 

Course administration, compliance management, learning tracking, gamification, assessment, analytics, and a user-friendly interface are essential components of LMS. 

Hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality-related businesses can use a hospitality LMS to organize and provide staff training

Wranx: The Best Hospitality LMS

Wranx is a micro-learning platform that allows businesses to offer their employees learning resources.

Businesses can use Wranx to find solutions for various purposes, including upskilling and reskilling current staff, customer support and service training, and more. 

It allows companies to distribute, organize, produce, and select online course training materials in different evaluations, formats, and tests. 

Moreover, as a contemporary LMS, Wranx can assist in creating individualized learning pathways and include social learning features. 

LMS software interfaces with various third-party applications to improve performance, user experience, and task automation.

It can integrate content-authoring tools, customer management systems (CRMs), marketing and sales, social media, video conferencing systems, and human resources platforms.

Benefits of Using Wranx

An LMS is essential in the changing and dynamic hospitality sector. It guarantees service quality and worker competency.

It is made to methodically teach thousands or even hundreds of seasonal employees at once.

Automating your training and staff induction processes is another excellent method to acquaint new hires with the culture of your business.

LMS can greatly influence the effectiveness and scalability of training programs. The following are the benefits of using Wranx hospitality LMS to train your staff.


Lowers training costs by maximizing the efficacy of training and administration while reducing the need for in-person training sessions, travel, and other expenses.

It gives your employees the abilities and information they require to succeed, guaranteeing that your customers get the greatest experience.

Moreover, offering training online can allow you to reinvest a substantial portion of your Learning and Development budget in other areas of your organization.  

Combining All Training Materials

You can combine all training materials into a single platform, simplifying the management, updating, and implementation of uniform training across several sites.

Moreover, it is designed to satisfy your business’s requirements. Various tools and resources are available to help your staff manage and deliver learning programs.

Hospitality LMS will assist the department in implementing a planned and organized training procedure that will guarantee a seamless onboarding experience for all staff.

On-Demand Accessibility

Wranx allows employees to access training materials whenever they suit them and enables individualized learning.

Moreover, it facilitates learning on mobile devices, giving employees access to training materials anytime and from any location.

Staff without software experience can easily finish the course by navigating the Wranx LMS. Making it easier for businesses to evaluate and provide material to their staff.

Quick Learning

Incorporating digital solutions can enhance the onboarding process for new employees and provide noticeable time-saving advantages. 

Because staff handbooks, operating instructions, paperwork, and other resources are all stored on a single platform, LMS greatly simplifies the learning process.   

The Wranx hospitality LMS makes available a complete database with all the induction and training materials, including compliance, staff handbooks, SOPs, and paperwork.  

Tracking and Analytics

The primary advantage of an LMS is the ability to track the performance and development of employees who have enrolled in the system for training.

It gives you comprehensive insights into your staff’s progress and course efficacy, allowing them to assess their training initiatives and areas for development.

These analytics can also draw attention to any problems or obstructions in the training programs that affect the learning process.

Available In Different Languages

The hospitality industry is known for its global operations and diversified workforce. It is essential to create and provide training in several languages. 

Through Wranx’s localization and translation tools, hospitality organizations can easily give all of their workers a consistent learning experience, regardless of their language. 

Safety Standards

Wranx LMS compliance safety standards guarantee workers’ safety at work. They address various subjects, such as fire and electrical safety. 

By upholding these standards, employers can contribute to their workers’ safe and productive work environments. Moreover, it lowers the risk of being held liable for an accident.

Best Hospitality LMS Alternatives

While platforms like Wranx are popular, other alternatives offer customized training programs, unified management, and easy employee development, making them good alternatives for hospitality companies. 

Here are four:

  1. SalesBoost

SalesBoost is a good option for those employers who prefer customized learning modules. They offer coaching solutions that cater to different levels of expertise, from entry-level to C-Suite.

Different measurable business solutions are also available. Moreover, it can assist you with creating customized courses and assessments.

The platform also offers a vast library of courses covering a range of sales strategies and techniques, educating employees and employers to meet their sales targets. 

  1. Cornerstone OnDemand

Through Cornerstone OnDemand, a hospitality LMS app for Android and iOS, you can ensure your employees continue improving their skills. 

The tool can be customized to meet your requirements and deadlines. You have access to a wide range of training choices and types.

Moreover, the app provides a range of learning modes, such as video, audio, digital documents, virtual reality, and instructor led. 

  1. Docebo

Docebo is a cloud-based LMS designed to guarantee that the business and employees enjoy their skill development journey. It automates manual tasks such as translations, enrollments, and content categorization. 

Furthermore, users can easily develop effective course materials with only a few clicks because of the inclusion of generative AI designed for learning.

Docebo’s technology helps employees learn faster, increasing business success.

  1. iSpring Solutions

iSpring Solutions stands out as a unique LMS customized to streamline customer service, systemic onboarding, and regulatory compliance training. 

Training efforts become easier to manage with features such as progress monitoring, enrolment, and simple content uploading. 

Moreover, through REST/SOAP API and single sign-on features, iSpring Solutions effortlessly integrates with different business systems, including HR, BI, ERP, and others.

Final Thoughts

Anyone with experience in the hospitality sector understands that it can be a demanding yet fulfilling career. Using LMS to handle staff compliance and training is crucial to take full advantage of this market.

Most hospitality organizations utilize LMS because hiring and educating seasonal employees takes a lot of work. 

With Wranx’s industry-leading LMS, organizations can improve the potential of their employees and provide unmatched customer experiences. 

Wranx is the best hospitality LMS of 2024 because it uses adaptive learning technologies, extensive course options, and real-time performance analytics to help businesses succeed.

Moreover, Wranx Hospitality LMS is a reasonable and dependable training method. These solutions offer mobile device training anytime, anywhere, which is helpful for employees and incredibly economical for businesses. 


How Can LMS Be Used Efficiently in Your Business?

The first step in using hospitality LMS efficiently at your business is to determine the unique training requirements of each position on your staff. 

Select or create top hospitality courses that satisfy these requirements to ensure the LMS efficiently connects with your current management systems. 

Use the system’s tracking tools to monitor progress and pinpoint areas for development. Use mobile learning features to enable staff members to learn independently.

Moreover, recognizing your staff’s achievements and updating content regularly creates a culture of continuous learning, improving overall performance and customer satisfaction.

What Role Does an LMS Play In The Hospitality Sector?

Training can be challenging at times for all businesses. It can be more difficult and expensive if you have hundreds of workers at several sites.

LMS guarantees all employees receive training on important subjects, including business guidelines, customer privacy regulations, and health and safety procedures. 

The technology offers a transparent audit record of training completed and can notify management of impending recertifications or changes in compliance requirements.

Furthermore, this streamlines the process of properly conforming to industry laws and helps hotels maintain high levels of service and safety while reducing the possibility of legal complications arising from non-compliance.

How Can LMS Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Customers’ and visitors’ first impressions are their last impressions. Customers’ perceptions of personnel are based on how they interact with them.   

Training employees can strengthen their feelings of teamwork, which will contribute to y and image. 

LMS can raise customer satisfaction by guaranteeing employees receive continuous, high-quality communication, problem-solving, and customer service training.

Creating a training program that fits your requirements as a hospitality associate is crucial. Several options for hospitality training may increase staff productivity and customer retention.  

Written by: Ana Acevska

Published: 13 May, 2024