Annual user and client survey results! (2018)

Each year, we conduct an annual user and client survey in order to collect feedback surrounding our platform and service. After running the surveys for 3 months, we recently closed them and collated all the data – and we were ecstatic with the results!

First and foremost, the purpose of each survey was to  gain insight on what our users think about blending the unique learning method of Spaced Repetition with microlearning, and whether or not this was truly beneficial to them.

  • 75% of users scored learning in daily, bite-sized chunks a 7/10, which had increased by 4% from the previous annual user surveys.
  • In addition to this, 69.9% of users rated learning using Spaced Repetition was extremely or very beneficial to improving their knowledge retention.
  • 81% of users agreed that learning with Wranx would enable them to improve in their workplace role, which is fantastic.

In reference to usage of our platform, 95% of our users said Wranx was ‘extremely’ or ‘very easy’ to use, while 82% scored Wranx 7/10 or above when asked to compare it to other e-learning platforms they had previously used!

We also received written feedback about the platform from our users, which was consistently positive:

As well as collating feedback from our users, we also send out annual stakeholder surveys. This helps us to understand how to improve our services further, as we ask clients to rate their experiences with the different departments within Wranx.

When asked if they were satisfied with the overall service provided from their assigned Account Managers, 100% of our clients scored 7/10 or above. This was also the same when asked about the quality of the service provided from our Content Team and our Support Team, with the average score being 9/10 for both!

Finally, when asked how satisfied they were with the overall performance of Wranx as a training tool, we received an average score of 7.8/10!

We are extremely excited to be able to share our annual user and stakeholder survey results, as it demonstrates the quality of Wranx as an employee training tool and the service we provide. Our Account Managers help with any queries and provide updates of user engagement, whilst our Content Team communicate with clients to ensure the most valuable content is curated for their learners. Our Tech Team also ensures a full, seamless technical set-up. We definitely consider ourselves as offering SaaS (Software AND A Service) as we deliver a bespoke experience for our clients through our individual departments.

Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Published: 15 Jun, 2022