The Surprising Impact of Emojis on Learning

As professionals, we often feel the pressure to communicate with increasing efficiency and speed. And in recent years, emojis have crept into our conversations, emails, and even work presentations. But while they may be seen as nothing more than a trendy communication tool, new research suggests that emojis can have a powerful impact on learning. As a manager, understanding this impact can profoundly benefit your team’s learning and development, productivity and engagement. 


Emojis boost memory retention

Studies have found that incorporating emojis into training modules can increase memory recall by up to 80%. Emojis add interest and help form associations between concepts, making them more memorable. If you’re trying to train your team on a complex topic, try incorporating emojis into your materials to help them better remember important facts.


Emojis humanize communication

In any professional setting, building relationships is key to driving success. Emojis add a human element to communication that can make your team feel more connected and engaged with one another. By using emojis that relate to your team’s interests, recognizing successes, or even just adding a smiley face to your messages, you can break down barriers and create a more collaborative work environment.


Emojis drive engagement

Engagement is a key factor in driving team productivity. And studies suggest that emojis can help increase engagement among team members. By using emojis in your communication, you create a lively and engaging conversation that is more likely to keep people’s attention. Consider using emojis in team meetings, presentations, or even in your training materials to keep your team engaged and motivated.


Emojis can improve productivity

In today’s fast-paced work environment, finding ways to improve productivity is crucial. When teams communicate effectively, they can reduce the amount of time spent on misunderstandings and miscommunications, leading to fewer errors and faster project completion. Incorporating emojis into your everyday communication is a fun and efficient way to facilitate team conversations that drive results.


Emojis build stronger relationships

Strong relationships are the cornerstone of any successful team. Including emojis in your communication can help teams connect on a deeper level. By using a meaningful emoji that aligns with the context of a message, receivers are more likely to feel understood, their success noticed, or their concerns validated. This can ultimately lead to stronger relationships, greater trust, and more successful collaborations.


Emojis may seem like an insignificant addition to your professional communication, but the research suggests otherwise – emojis can have a big impact on learning, communication, productivity, engagement, and relationships! As a manager, understanding this impact is crucial to ensuring your team’s success. By incorporating emojis into your everyday communication, you can build a more collaborative, connected, engaged, and productive team. And ultimately, this can drive better results for your business.

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Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Published: 14 Jul, 2023