(Video) Assessments, measurability and ROI: how to know if training is working

This year, Wranx exhibited at and sponsored Learning Technologies for the fourth year running. It was a busy two days for us, but the show proved to be a success!

Our Sales Director, Tony Martin, drew in large crowds by hosting his own seminar on both days of the event. ‘Assessments, measurability and ROI: how to know if training is working’ covered new approaches to assessing employee knowledge, comparing this to more traditional methods that don’t measure employees’ knowledge retention in the most accurate ways, such as multiple-choice assessments.  

Learning Technologies Assessment Seminar Learning Technologies Assessment Seminar








Currently, 53% of employers don’t actively track performance. Tony’s talk discusses how this can be done simply and more accurately using methods like Certainty Based Marking (CBM) assessments and real-time analytics, two prominent features of Wranx. These are new and more precise approaches to assessing employee knowledge and offer a true indication of workforce ability and confidence.

If you couldn’t make Learning Technologies 2019 and would be interested in watching Tony’s seminar, it is available to stream below.

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