Wranx enhances user onboarding with self-registration

In the last feSelfRegMobilew months the Wranx platform has seen two exciting functionality updates which are key to our customers (both present and future). The first update that has been developed is user self-registration. The self-registration functionality allows users from enterprise businesses to sign up independently to Wranx, which will significantly reduce admin time for any client we have onboard.

Currently, we support two versions of self-registration. The first version involves generating a unique code for each division of the organisation, which users will be assigned to depending on their team/department. Users will be sent a link to a personalised landing page which contains the registration form for Wranx. Users simply complete the form (inputting the unique code for their specific section of the organisation hierarchy), confirm their accounts, and begin their training! 

The alternative version of self-registration is a similar process; however, instead of a unique code, users are prompted to select which store/department/division within the organisation they belong to. This is then submitted as a registration request for their manager to approve. This gives our clients more control over their user base and prevents users potentially signing up and receiving the wrong training!

The second update to Wranx are the changes to our user admin panel within the platform, which allows our customers to manage their own user base. 

By opening up the admin panel further, it offers a wider range of functionality and enables our clients to take more control over their own users. This new functionality allows our customers to:User Admin Laptop

  • Delete and add new learners
  • Switch users to different teams
  • Change user communication preferences
  • Change a user’s language and passwords
  • View user enrolments, badges, awards and leaderboards


Both of these updates to the platform are significantly important as they give our clients more control over their user base and the training they receive. It also cuts the length of time spent on admin tasks on both our side and our clients’. Watch this space for even more functionality updates on the Wranx platform! 

Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Published: 12 Dec, 2019