Improved service

Not only do employees forget sales training and product knowledge over time, a companies products and services may also be regularly updated. Wranx keeps your sales people and other employees fully briefed on your companies products, services and sales processes.

Increased Revenues

Employees that are well trained provide better service and close more sales, ultimately improving your bottom line. Wranx identifies the topics that your individual employees need to improve and delivers tailored training and testing in those areas.

More benefits

  • Create product experts and improve employee communications
  • Build customer confidence in your employees and the organisation
  • Increase the number of closed sales and improve your bottom line

Sales success at The North Face®

The North Face®

The North Face® used Wranx to deliver various retail-related training, in order to improve sales and enhance customer's experience in store. Training took place across 424 European cities!


87% of The North Face® users felt that Wranx would enable them to improve in their role!

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