A look back at DevLearn 2019

It has been one week since the Wranx team exhibited at DevLearn in Las Vegas – an event dedicated to unearthing and showcasing future learning technologies. It was the team’s first time over in the US for an exhibition – what an experience! The event had over 150 exhibitors, over 3,500 attendees and more than 250 learning activities for visitors, resulting in two jam-packed days!


Carrying on tradition from past events, we showcased our platform on iTabs – perfect to walk attendees through our daily drills and show them how Personalised Spaced Repetition works.


The team were busy discussing and performing demos to conference attendees, who showed up for the range of captivating keynotes. This included Sophia the Robot, DevLearn’s first ever robot keynote speaker. Alongside Sophia, there was Talitha Williams and Dr Helen Papagiannis who both spoke on technical disruption through artificial intelligence and augmented reality (AR).  

To mark the end of the event, the team also hosted a giveaway on the stand. Our in-house Content Team created a Beatles music assessment specifically for the event. Attendees could enter and whoever achieved the highest score would win a brand new Bose speaker!

And, of course, the team fit in some time to see the sights of Sin City!


If you were at DevLearn 2019 and didn’t have the chance to talk to us, click the link below to book some time with one of our experts!

Written by: Persia Shahkarami

Published: 15 Jun, 2022