Tata Steel Europe

Learn how Tata Steel used Wranx to increase product knowledge and won an award for Excellence in Education and Training thanks to their training program enhanced by Wranx. 



Type: Product training

Number of learners: 1150

Length of training: 3 year

Number of training modules: 36


Tata Steel Europe needed a fresh approach to product knowledge training, due to the restructuring of their account management practices and the growing need for face-to-face interaction between customers and staff. Employees needed to significantly increase knowledge of a greater product range in order to deliver high-quality customer service. 


Wranx developed nine custom training modules based on Tata Steels desired learning objectives. These included Hot-Rolled Steel and Cold-Rolled Steel modules to boost employee’s product knowledge. Assessments were utlized to gauge knowledge retention whilst real-time dashboard reports showed knowledge increasing and identified users that needed to further improve.


Wranx spaced repetition approach to learning was well-received by employees, whose assessment scores increased along with engagement. Learners also benefited from being able to access  additional learning materials in the Resources Hub, enabling them to carry out independent learning on the go. This all resulted in Tata Steel Europe winning the 2018 Steelie Award for ‘Excellence in Education and Training’. This award recognized Wranx as ‘new and unique’ to the industry, but also future-focused and attuned to the changing workforce demographic. 


of learners improved their knowledge from pre to post assessment


of questions answered correctly before completing training


of questions answered correctly after completing training

“Wranx is a new concept for workplace learning and is particularly relevant for needing to embed knowledge in a fresh, enjoyable and cost-effective way. Wranx have a great platform, but specifically, a great team who are only too willing to help you build the learning solution you need.”

Andrew Barker, Head of Academy – Tata Steel Europe

Winning a Steelie Award for Excellence in Education & Training

The Steelie  Awards, organized by the World Steel Association, represent over 160 steel producers worldwide, including nine of the top ten largest steel companies, along with national and regional steel industry associations and steel research institutes.

These awards acknowledge the outstanding efforts and contributions of member companies and individuals in various categories impacting the steel industry.

Tata Steel Europe received the Excellence in Education and Training award, acknowledging Wranx’s unique training approach to training using spaced repetition, a scientifically proven learning technique.

To enhance product knowledge among 150 employees in areas like product management and customer services, Tata Steel Europe adopted Wranx’s training solution.

Nine tailored learning modules were incorporated into employees’ daily drills, supported by a resource library which inspired continuous learning and independent development.

Utilizing spaced repetition training for long lasting knowledge

Tata Steel Europe was in search of an innovative training program to enhance product knowledge, a crucial aspect in any commercial role.

After conducting a capability assessment, it was identified that 150 employees, working in disciplines such as product management, account management, and customer services, needed improvement in this area.

They were looking for a modern learning solution, which led them to discover the effectiveness of Wranx’s training program based on the concept of spaced repetition.

Spaced Repetition, a fundamental concept in learning, plays a vital role in retaining and recalling information over an extended period.

This technique involves the repetitive review of learning materials at strategically increasing intervals of time, based on the learner’s improved recall. By revisiting the content, the memory of the information becomes stronger, effectively reinforcing knowledge and ensuring long-term skills retention.

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