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Learn how The North Face used Wranx as a pro deal platform to improve brand knowledge & advocacy amongst retailers with 96% of employees stating that they felt Wranx would help them in their role.



Type: Product training

Number of learners: 12,749

Number of questions answered: 2,200,000

Total training time: 7,000+ hrs

The Challenge

The North Face sought to enhance their team’s product knowledge and had been utilizing a pro deal platform to establish a training reward program. However, they faced challenges in assessing the platform’s user base and ensuring that the right discounts reached the right employees.


Wranx provided The North Face with a white labelled solution, bolstering brand awareness. This platform verified that only the right individuals accessed the platform, whilst also enabling them to select their preferred training courses.

The Results

Through Wranx, The North Face achieved exceptional employee engagement with 97% of employees participating and 73% qualifying for the coveted employee discount. Valuable feedback showed that the smooth learning experience helped associates easily get to know The North Face and new products.


of employees engaged with Wranx


of employees felt that Wranx would enable them to improve in their role


of employees qualified for discount

“Wranx has been a great partner. I think the aspect I have been most impressed by is their willingness to innovate and also understand our business. They want to make sure that the platform is working for our business as much as possible. We have been able to work on several special projects in order to accomplish this. We are excited about how we can work together to create the most engaging training website in the outdoor industry.”

Matt O’Grady, Senior Training Manager – The North Face

Creating a network of brand ambassadors

The North Face brand thrives on innovation, offering unparalleled, technically advanced outdoor gear. Their extensive range includes performance apparel, equipment, and footwear.

In addition to their website and retail stores, The North Face collaborates with retailers and department stores to distribute their products. Establishing strong connections with these accounts and employees is crucial. Particularly, shop floor associates must possess in-depth brand knowledge to effectively recommend products.

To achieve this, The North Face implements a pro deal training program that educates and rewards employees with discounts. This enables them to be true brand ambassadors with firsthand experience of the products.

Ensuring the right people have access to training and discounts

The North Face previously used a pro deal platform for their reward program. However, they faced the challenge of understanding their user base and ensuring the right people were on the platform receiving the discount. They also encountered access barriers for employees trying to quickly and effectively do their training.

To address these challenges, Wranx collaborated with The North Face to create a project plan aligned with their training initiatives and goals. As part of the onboarding process, Wranx implemented a validation process for new users to access the discount through a dedicated portal. The Support Team categorized learners into team and store cohorts, providing store managers with access to the Admin Portal for analytics and reports.

A learner-centric experience

Wranx partnered with The North Face to create a customized and branded learning platform, ensuring a familiar and learner-centric experience for store associates.

Through this collaboration, a bespoke media hub was incorporated into the platform, granting learners access to a wide range of on-demand resources in various formats. The media hub served as a centralized repository, encompassing athlete and brand videos, product training videos, product catalogs, and even The North Face Explorer Magazine.

Through these elements The North Face were able to take complete ownership of how their training content was presented to their employees, fostering a stronger connection and engagement with the brand.

Content created with ease

Wranx’s content team converted The North Face’s product content into modules for the platform. The training covered a wide range of product information, including new seasonal launches. The modules were delivered as ‘daily drills’ – 10-12 questions a day that take 2 minutes to complete. Associates received daily reminders to complete their training.

Wranx also created self-enrolment for The North Face, allowing associates to choose up to three modules to complete at a time. To qualify for the pro deal discount, associates had to engage in training at least once every 30 days.

The North Face used Wranx’s in-app communication tool to engage with their staff and share new modules, contests, and discounted products.

Impressive engagement with training

After implementing Wranx, The North Face witnessed an outstanding level of employee engagement. An impressive 97% of employees actively participated on the platform, leading to 73% of them qualifying for the coveted employee discount. The training itself garnered remarkable engagement, with over 2.2 million questions answered and a staggering 7,000 hours of training delivered.

Valuable feedback from associates highlighted that Wranx provided a seamless and enjoyable learning experience, allowing them to effortlessly familiarize themselves with The North Face and its new products. This knowledge proved invaluable when interacting with customers, enhancing communication. Notably, a remarkable 96% of employees expressed confidence that Wranx would enable them to excel in their respective roles.

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