Jordan’s Furniture

Learn how Jordan’s Furniture partnered with Wranx to deliver product training and used assessment results to further improve operational processes.


Type: Product training

Number of learners: 277

Number of questions answered: 14,486

Total training time: 5 days


Jordan’s Furniture used a virtual training platform for three years prior to using Wranx. They required a new solution that would augment their current training program to increase knowledge retention long term.


The team at Jordan’s Furniture decided to use Wranx because of its spaced repetition training feature, which was not something other training providers utilized. This was to ensure employees were repeatedly shown information – at spaced intervals – until they retained knowledge long-term.


Like all Wranx customers, Jordan’s Furniture saw an increase in engagement, performance and knowledge retention, but interestingly, they were also able to use findings from training modules to improve their operational processes.


of learners answered confidently and correctly by the end of the module


of learner's engaged with the training modules

If you find that you do not train as often as you would like, because it is so time-consuming using Wranx will let you take your training materials and have someone create the training for you in a very bespoke way. It makes training on very detailed information, very fast and very easy for your staff.

Marianne Thatcher, Sales Training Manager  – Jordan’s Furniture

Getting buy-in from the pilot

Jordan’s Furniture ran a pilot before committing to using the Wranx platform long-term. This was so they could ensure their staff liked using the platform and felt it would be useful to their development.
Initially, they chose a group of sales consultants, as well as managers to participate in the pilot. Participants were not selected based on their expertise or their lack of knowledge, but because they were likely to give honest feedback. The team at Jordan’s Furniture were thrilled to get an overwhelmingly positive response from those who participated.
As with most companies, Jordan’s Furniture had a number of people in their teams who feared change and were reluctant to accept new systems. They wanted to ensure that not only would their managers and leadership team see the benefits of the platform, but that customer-facing staff members also liked and benefitted from Wranx.
The staff members who participated in the pilot were instrumental in getting their peers on board with the Wranx, acting as promoters of the platform.

Improving operational processes

Outside of the usual increase in engagement, performance, and knowledge retention typically seen by Wranx clients, Jordan’s Furniture had another success story come off the back of their training modules.Analyzing results via the dashboard reporting tools, Marianne Thatcher, Sales Training Manager at Jordan’s Furniture was able to see which questions were most often answered incorrectly. She and the team were then able to determine whether or not operational problems were due to a lack of knowledge and training, or perhaps because processes were convoluted, making them difficult to remember.
Off the back of this, they could then see where they needed to make internal system improvements, whereby they would simplify processes to make them easier to remember. Varying processes could be detrimental to the customer experience, and subsequently be very costly to Jordan’s Furniture so it was great for the team to be able to show evidence to their system’s team on where improvements could be made.

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