Built on innovation, The North Face® brand offers unrivalled, technically-advanced outdoor products designed for everyone from the most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, snow-sport athletes and endurance athletes to novice explorers in search of adventure.

What was needed? 

The North Face® needed various retail-related training implemented, such as product knowledge, customer service and behaviour-based training. The purpose of training was to improve employee knowledge and enhance customer experience within stores.

What was delivered?

Wranx helped deliver custom bite-sized modules that were delivered across Europe in six different languages, which included English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Italian. The North Face® utilised the Wranx Media Hub to host a variety of content including athlete, brand and product training videos, their own Explorer Magazine and archived modules.

What were the results?

Training took place on an EMEA level, with over 1,000 users accessing Wranx in 424 different cities. We delivered 917 hours of training between January and July 2018, and a large proportion of employees accessed their Wranx training in store, with almost half of logins taking place on mobile devices. The store colleagues had a positive experience with Wranx: 7/10 Users enjoyed learning in daily, bite-sized chunks. The longest Seinfeld chain was 420 days long! They found it easier to retain product knowledge due to Wranx’s unique use of Spaced Repetition, which came in useful, particularly when communicating with customers. This in turn had a positive impact on customer experience in store as they associated a higher level of product knowledge with helping their decision to make a purchase.

The North Face® also incorporated Certainty Based Marking (CBM) pre and post-assessments within their strategy to accurately identify employee knowledge gaps and prove the ROI of training. They completed CBM assessments on the ‘New Explorer’ module which taught staff the most effective selling techniques for a range of brand new products and technologies. They saw 80% of learners improve their CBM scores, meaning they could answer retail-based questions more accurately and confidently after completing their module. 73% of learners who took the assessments improved in raw knowledge from pre to post-assessment, which demonstrates how effective Spaced Repetition training can be in just four weeks.

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We’ve had a really positive experience with Wranx. Not only do our employees enjoy completing the short drills, they have been motivated by the gamification features on the app. Using this platform has had a direct impact on our customers, as a higher level of training has ensured they have an enjoyable experience in store. The uplift in sales is clear, as customers have said that their purchase decisions were influenced by our store colleague’s advanced product knowledge!

Senior Brand Education Manager at The North Face®

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